Lectures & Workshops

If you are a shop owner or program coordinator, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. I am also happy to customize a lecture or workshop and am available for a trunk show of my quilts.

2014 Schedule:


Modern Quilting: The Ins & Outs of this movement
As Founder & President of the St. Louis MQG, Kristy knows a thing or two about the modern aesthetic. She will introduce you to the Modern Quilting movement and it's ever-changing; yet characteristic style.  The presentation includes a Trunk Show and is followed by a Q&A session.  Audience participation is highly encouraged.



No Peeking Improv
This workshop is a great way to create unique blocks and/or a quilt top, using techniques that many quilters shy away from.  Students will learn that sometimes adding a little structured chaos into your life is a good thing. No Quilt Police allowed!

Modernized D9P & Using Negative Space in your Quilts
The Nine Patch is one of the first blocks that a quilter learns to make; yet don't underestimate it's simplicity. This workshop introduces you to Kristy's innovative and popular method to freshen up this beloved block, along with how to approach using negative space in your quilts.