Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shame on Me

I've been a terrible blogger lately; sorry about that.  How dare my job eat into my crafty time ;-)

I have lots to share with you including new projects I'm working on, some bee blocks I've completed, the tale of Sew-In Saturday, and so much more.  Currently, I'm just trying to dig myself out of my studio, and maybe find some time to take a nap.

What I am beyond excited to tell you about is a little Blog Hop happening next week.  Three wonderful friends are helping me spread the word about MAZED, my first quilt pattern available for purchase here on Etsy

I guarantee that you won't want to miss it...

 May 7th       Mary Claire from  Splendorfalls

May 9th      Nancy from  ...with thread in hand...

May 11th     Kelly from  Live.Love.Create

Thanks Ladies !!!!!


Sandy said...

I love this quilt and just purchased it from your Etsy site.

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