Monday, August 25, 2014

STLMQG Sew-In Saturday

This past Saturday was our guild's Sew-In Saturday, a quarterly 9am-9pm mini retreat where we sew a little, laugh a little and snack a little.  While I love our big guild meetings (50-60 members in attendance), these smaller events are more my speed. I can relax, and actually have conversations that last longer then 5 seconds.

In typical fashion I always wait until Friday evening to pack; but this time I got lost in a book and I was up until 1am reading. So after a few hours of sleep, I woke up Saturday morning and hurriedly tossed a whole bunch of stuff in a rolling suitcase, my preferred mobile studio, and headed out.

We had 8 people in attendance, and while I love seeing the Sew-In regulars, it was nice to have some others show up and spend the day together. I spent about five hours straight-line quilting a quilt that I can't show off just yet; but it received some rav reviews from those at the Sew-In, so I'm even more excited to share it with you in October. For now you'll have to be satisfied with this sneaky-peek.

quilt binding, wonderclips

With hours to spare, I had hopes of working on a baby quilt for a co-worker; but after spending so many hours machine quilting, my heart wasn't in it to do more of the same.  Switching gears, I opted instead to tackle a project that I've been dragging to so many Sew-Ins and Retreats, that I've lost track.  I am happy to report that I finally finished the required number of blocks (four) and am now in the layout phase.  Anyone want to guess how many MORE Sew-Ins it will take to actually finish-finish this one?

quilt, scraps

We did have some excitement, although not exactly excitement one would want, as one of the attendees suffered a rotary cutter accident and had to be rushed to the ER.  The crazy part is that after she was patched up, she picked right back up where she left off, like nothing had ever happened.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amassing Antique Quilts

The other day as I was cleaning my studio I decided to take a little inventory of the quilts that were sitting in a big pile in the corner of my room. Little did I know, how many antique quilts (bought at various antique malls or garage sales) I had actually collected over the last few years.

Nine is the magic number right now, you can see a pile of several of them in the photo above...sitting on what else a piece of antique furniture, a 1920's crank phonograph to be more specific. 

My plan is to take proper photos of the quilts sometime this fall, and share them here on the blog as well.  I even have plans to recreate one of the quilts using some Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy that I had picked up some time ago, purchased specifically with this in mind.

Do you have any antique quilts around your home?  Do you actually use them, or do they hang out in piles like mine?


Sunday, August 17, 2014

do.Good.Stitches Quilt Finish - Trust Circle

March was my month to lead the charge for our do.Good.Stitches charity quilting bee.   The lovely ladies of the Trust Circle helped me by using the Not Quite Centered Block Tutorial that I had written.  Using this color palette they got to work and soon enough lots of blocks started appearing on my doorstep.

I added lots of sashing and an equally wide border; which gives the blocks room to breath. Not letting good blocks go to waste, I added the remaining two to the back along with some sashing.  Deciding to add minimal quilting created a ridiculously soft quilt that some child will definitely fall in love with.

This quilt measures 48" x 48" and will be donated to a local charity which supports children in foster care.

To all of the lovely ladies in the Trust Circle, thanks for your help, this would not have come together without your help.