Thursday, October 23, 2014

PARALLEL Quilt Pattern

When Patchwork Professional magazine contacted me (read all about it in this post), one of the things that they asked was if I would design a quilt pattern for them using my popular Modernized D9P concept. The quilt that I created is called PARALLEL, and I am happy to be sharing it with you today.

PARALLEL Quilt Pattern by Kristy Daum

PARALLEL measures 65" x 65" and I made it using 16 different prints and one solid as you can see in the photo below. Yet, the pattern is written so you can include as many or as few print fabrics as you choose.

Fabric Stack

Quilt Measures : 65" x 65"
Background Fabric: Snow - Moda Bella Solids
Quilt Top Fabrics: Print Fabrics are from various manufacturers
Binding : Confetti Dot from Dear Stella
Backing : Historic Tile from Joel Dewberry

While the blocks themselves are fun to put together, this quilt really comes alive when you add in the large expanses of negative space...something I really love doing.  When done correctly, the negative space winds it's way through the blocks, making the quilt much more interesting.

As for the quilting itself, I decided early on that straight-line quilting was the way to go; yet I challenged myself by making it 1/2" apart.  Having spent some time watching Jacquie Gering's Creative Quilting with a Walking Foot class on Craftsy, her tips were invaluable and helped my lines stay as straight as possible across the surface of the quilt; which can be tricky to accomplish.

You can pick up a copy of Patchwork Professional to get the pattern (if you can read German). Otherwise, you can purchase a PDF copy of PARALLEL or any of my other PDF patterns thru my Etsy or Craftsy shops.

My paper patterns are distributed through several brick-and-mortar ask your local shop if they carry my patterns and if not...suggest that they do :-)

This is one of three self-published patterns I'll be distributing this fall, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Patchwork Professional Magazine...Or Why You Should Read Emails Carefully

Do you ever have those moments when you think you understand what someone is asking of you; but really you haven't a clue?

That is what happened to me earlier this year, when Patchwork Professional, a well respected German quilting magazine, contacted me.  Aside from what you might think, there were no language barriers, I just couldn't wrap my head around what they were asking of me.


Well, because it turns out they didn't want a quote from me about modern quilting; which is what I had thought. They wanted to do a whole story on me, my work and oh, yeah...include a quilt pattern that I designed for them.  It became more surreal when I did a little research and learned that they only publish 4 issues a year, and the issues this year have featured Luke Haynes and Jacquie Gering.

Yeah, now do you see why I didn't get it at first. 

Collaborating with Patchwork Professional was a wonderful experience, and honestly if it wasn't for seeing the screen-capture below, it would be hard to believe that it happened. Yet, right there on the cover is my STAR'D quilt and MY name.  Holy Sh*t!

Patchwork Professional magazine // Kristy Daum - STAR'D quilt

While you likely will never see this magazine in the United States (and of course it is entirely in German), You can get a preview at the Patchwork Professional website here; just be sure that you translate the page first unless you are fluent in Deutsch.  I can't wait to get my hands on a copy to see how it turned out, what additional quilts they included, etc.  

I'll be writing a separate post about the quilt that I designed for them; which is named PARALLEL. You will be able to buy the pattern...and yes, it will be in English :)

So now you know one of the many quilting secrets I've been keeping this year. It was a Biggie!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sew Me St. Louis

Forty-five members of the St. Louis MQG got together this past weekend for Sew Me St. Louis, the first retreat/workshop/slumber-party that our guild has held.

SewMe St. Louis logo
Logo created by Juli Ann.

While the St. Louis MQG has been around since 2010 and held smaller sew-ins a few times a year, we had not yet attempted anything bigger...until now. The Marriott Hotel didn't really know what to make of us.

Saturday was reserved for workshops and lectures for those who signed up; while the rest of the members took to their machines in the Open Sew room.

SewMeSt.Louis 2014

There was the usual piecing, quilting, chatting and learning; but let's not forget the goodie bags, catered lunch, and random prizes...with items donated from several generous companies and members.

Goodie Bag Photo borrowed from Lynne.  
Goodie Bags were purchased, assembled and hand-stamped by Laura.

SewMeSt.Louis 2014
Assortment of prizes

I purchased pins and temporary tattoos for each attendee; because I really-really wanted one and thought that the others might too.

SewMeSt.Louis 2014
Pins came from here.  Temporary Tattoos from here.

I am pretty excited that we were able to pull off something of this caliber and in such a short amount of time...even if there were some hiccups along the way. It will of course be a thing now, so planning for October 2015 will be underway soon.

SewMeSt.Louis 2014

Want to see some of the fun we had, projects that were made, workshops and lectures? Check out the #sewmestl hashtag on Instagram.