Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dreaming of Spring & sharing New Windham fabrics

While the view outside my window looks pretty bleak, thanks to 6" of snow which is now melting into a muddy mess...at least the the view inside my studio is looking pretty cheery.

As many of you know, I have written several quilt patterns for Windham Fabrics in the past; which you can find on their website [Windham Free Projects], or on my Free Tutorials page.  I enjoy collaborating with them, as I get to use my design skills; but also get sneaky peeks at things that are coming soon, and if you are like me and have been staring at fairly bleak skies, while dreaming of Spring and Summer...then this will hopefully cheer you up a little.

A few months back, I designed a quilt for them using Lotta Jansdotter's new collection called STELLA.  Now, I don't have the opportunity to use many juvenile prints in my work; but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate them...and you have to admit that those elephants are pretty stinkin' adorable.

Windham Fabrics - Lotta Jansdotter

After I finish making that quilt, I get to work with these lovelies; which is another new collection of Lotta's called LUCKY.  I was immediately drawn to this collection, as it was refreshing to see such a unique combination of solemn black mixed with bright pops of color; and that green, a perfect choice.  I actually used this collection as inspiration when I was pulling together the fabrics that I would use for my EPP workshop at QuiltCon with Katy Jones.

I haven't finalized what I'm going to make with these; but some ideas are brewing.  I just have to keep reminding myself, one thing at a time, one thing at a time.

Windham Fabrics - Lotta Jansdotter

Finally, this collection of Artisan Cotton looks mighty fine, wouldn't you agree? With so many projects in the que, I'm okay with having this colorful bundle sit there on my shelf letting me know that Spring is just around the corner.

Windham Fabrics - Artisan Cotton

Now, if I can only prioritize my To-Do list, so I play with these sooner rather then later...that would be amazing.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 Recap

QuiltCon has been over for 7 days, and I am definitely missing the camaraderie and constant inspiration.  

If you've been keeping up with the Instagram hashtag #quiltcon or #quiltcon2015, you can see most if not all of the quilts that appeared in the show, the ribbons, the vendors, the selfies, the food, etc.  I only posted a few photos during the convention because I was trying to take it all in...in real time, instead of from behind my camera phone.  You can check out The MQG recaps which show more photos, here and here.

I was able to catch up with several people whom I had chatted with online, emailed multiple times, or spoken with.  It is definitely a strange start to a conversation

"Hi, we've never met; but...."

One of the most surreal and impossible things to explain was when people would approach me wanting to take a photo, chat with me about my quilts, my blog, or my work in general. How does that happen?

The other surreal thing was seeing my Holy Sh*t Sherlock quilt pop up all over Instagram, and even appearing on TV for a few seconds too (1:17).  Hopefully you aren't sick of seeing that particular quilt just yet, as it's story is not yet finished.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum // QuiltCon 2015 Recap

So, how did the Pin Swap go?  Well, I'm not entirely sure how many I ended with as I found several hiding in various pockets or pouches; but at last count I believe it was 75.  I'll be making a mini-quilt so I can display all of them.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum // QuiltCon 2015 Recap


QuiltCon of course is not all about the quilts and the people though.  For those who signed up, there were many opportunities to take a workshop or hear a lecture, of which I participated in both.

My first workshop was Improv piecing with the Quilters of Gee's Bend. It was inspirational to be surrounded by these women who have such stories to tell, and of course when they told me to "add some green" to the piece I was working on, I did as instructed.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum // QuiltCon 2015 Recap

While I have done EPP many many years ago, I lost touch with it, and was looking to be inspired again. So when the opportunity to learn EPP from Katy appeared, I knew that I had to take her workshop, as I have admired her work for quite some time.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum // QuiltCon 2015 Recap

I attended quite a few lectures, from Color Theory to Social Media Marketing and everything in between.  I learned more in some then in others; but all were worthwhile.


Coming back home is always rough...laundry needs to be done, bills need to be paid, oh and there is this crazy thing called Work that gets in the way.

At least we don't have to wait two full years for the next QuiltCon, since it has now moved to every year.  I've already booked Pasadena (2016) and Savannah (2017).

Who's with me?


Thursday, February 12, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 Preparation

It was about this time two years ago that I wrote a similar post about QuiltCon 2013.  This time around I am still not prepared and am running around trying to get everything pulled together at the last minute.  You would think I've known about this for months...or years.

I do have a lanyard, thanks to Marci.

People on Instagram were talking about trading mini buttons. I wasn't going to participate since I didn't have a proper logo; but in the end I decided to jump in anyway.  If you want to trade, come find me.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum - Pins & Networking Cards

And as an added bonus, my Dad cut out several quilty pinwheels and made them into keychains...so I'll have a limited supply of those to hand out to quilty friends too.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum - Wood Pinwheels

What I did want to do was make another bag, I'm thinking another AMH Artist Tote would work. This was the one I made in 2013. Or maybe I'd make the Noodlehead Poolside Tote instead. Yet time is flying by so decisions must be made.

I signed up for two workshops:

  • English Paper Piecing with Katy Jones 714
  • Basic Improvisational Quilting with Quilters of Gee's Bend 515B

I'm pulling together the items I need from the supply lists, although I know that I can certainly pick up most anything I forgot at any one of the vendor booths.

And even if I don't need anything from the vendors, that doesn't mean I won't be strolling the aisles to find stuff I want.

Then there is the standard...what am I going to wear? Should I get a tattoo? Etc.

I know a lot will happen on the fly; it did last year and it will happen again this time around, because you never know who you are going to bump into; but if anyone wants to grab lunch, dinner or just hang out for a while, I'm your girl.  So tell me, are you going to QuiltCon this year?